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Opus Excellence in silver or gold with a Bonna compact case


   Silverstein REEDCURE
Reed case  for €140

   Uses UV-light to disinfect and sanitise up to four oboe reeds at once.

   Reeds stay fresh and in good condition for longer: a sensational way to

   extend the life of your best concert reeds! Available from oboes.ch


Mönnig Bassoboe



Occasion: Mönnig Bassoboe - neuwertig - Schnäppchen: €11'900   (Neupreis: €15'000)

Praktisch für den Unterricht: die Bass-Stimme mitspielen, eine Oboenband gründen...
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Moennig Bass Oboe



For sale: Moennig Bass Oboe - as new - Opportunity: €11'900   (price new: €15'000)

Great for Oboe teaching: play the Basso Continuo part, start an Oboe band...
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